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Past Funding Projects

Each quarter we consider nominations for causes in our community that need funding support. Here are the ways we have provided funding to Moab locals in past years:

-GCSD Adult Education, GED preparation

-GCSD Beacon After School program

-Resiliency Hub Community Garden

-Humane Society of Moab Valley

-Grand county EMS

-Grand Area Mentoring

-Grand county high school wood shop program


-Science Moab STEM library

-Moab youth cycling

-Food Pantry

-Moab community Cycles

-Fun Fund 

-Mindfulness in Education

-Arches Education Center- Corrections Education Fund

-GCSD Vista position

- MVMC/Local Homeless Coalition

- Dental work for local individual

- Community Nursing Services ~ Senior Wish Program

- Moab Multicultural Center 

- Moab Solutions 2x

- Medical Costs for a Family In Need  2x

- Fire and Building Assistance for Families In Need - 2x

- Grand County School District Therapists - 2x

- Museum of Moab

- Moab Pride

- Canyonlands Field Institute

- Grand County Hospice 

- Moab Valley Multicultural Center - COVID rent support fund

- Moab Free Health Clinic

- Housing costs for families in Need - 2x

- St. Francis Episcopal Church Food Pantry 2x

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Past Funding Projects: What We Do
Past Funding Projects: Pro Gallery
Past Funding Projects: Quote
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