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Becoming a Member

With busy schedules and so many community needs, it's often hard to find time or know where and how to contribute to alleviate the needs in our community. 100 Women Who Care Moab opens the door for women of all ages and abilities to come together to help others with a $100 commitment every 3 months. Giving back can be as easy as one meeting a quarter, via Zoom and/or in a social gathering of caring women. It also offers an opportunity to become more involved with causes you value. Come get to know some of the generous women in our community.

It's a simple meeting.  We run the evening as follows:

  • Members may attend in person or join online via Zoom. Zoom attendance information is sent out before each meeting 

  • Active members nominate a local charity, non-profit, individual, group, or worthy cause. 

  • If there are more than 3 nominations, all the nominations are put into a hat and 3 are blindly drawn for consideration.

  • A member of our 100 Women Who Care Moab organization has 5 minutes to present her nomination to the members present at the meeting. This includes members in actual attendance and those attending online via Zoom.

  • Members discuss and agree upon how to allocate the funds available. As the discussion informs our decisions, only members present at the meeting may contribute to the determination of how our funds are allocated. Several strategies have been employed by the group to decide how to allocate the quarterly funds:. 

--Consensus may be reached through discussion.

-Often multiple recipients are selected and the funds split according to the group’s wishes.

-An anonymous vote with the majority of votes may determine one or more recipients. 

  • All members, present or otherwise, agree to donate $100 to the selected nominee(s). 

  • The facilitator instructs the membership as to how the funds will be collected and distributes them accordingly. 

Become a Member: Welcome

Guidelines for Membership

Guidelines for Membership (Amended November 2022):  

  • Members must be 18 or older to join.

  • To be an active member one agrees to  make a quarterly contribution of $100 in a timely fashion, and attendance at one meeting annually is suggested. A contribution of at least $100 per meeting is required to stay active.

  • A member will become inactive following two quarters of no contributions.( The facilitator will remind members to make their contributions with one email and one text message.) She may become an active member again at any time, with the recommitment to a year of contributions. 

  • One time per year a member may be exempted from making her contribution due to extenuating circumstances, with one week’s advance notice. No explanation or approval is necessary.  

  • A woman may become a member any time of the year and start making contributions. However, all active members will be asked to make an annual re-commitment prior to January 1 of the coming year.

  • Only members present at the quarterly meeting may choose how to allocate the total funds. The discussion at a meeting informs our decisions and creates consensus.

Application and agreement

  • Am I able to contribute $100/quarter to those in need in my local community?

  • Will I try to attend quarterly meetings with other generous women from Moab? These meetings will be a hybrid of in-person and Zoom attendance.

  • Fill out and submit the application.

Become a Member: Who We Are

Join Here

Please click the link below to join.  It will re-direct you to a google form.

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