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 100 Women Who Care Moab

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A Bit of Background

Our chapter in Moab, UT began in 2017.  As of November 2023 we are 115 members strong. 100 Women Who Care Moab opens its doors to women of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to come together with the desire to support those in need in our local community by making a quarterly  financial contribution.  All women in the greater Moab area are invited to attend a meeting and decide if our giving group is for you! When we pool our individual $100 contributions we create a powerful, easy and immediate way to support local needs -- with thousands of dollars -- every quarter.

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Our Members

As of November 2023 we are 115 members strong. Everyone is welcome to join 100 Women Who Care Moab—please feel free to come to a meeting before joining to find out if the group is right for you.

 We do not have political affiliation, share our backgrounds or religious views, or demand a lot of time from our members. All of the leaders and members of our 100 Women Who Care Moab giving circle are volunteers. 100 Women Who Care Moab does not keep any of the money that is collected. 100% of your donation goes directly to the selected nominee! 

Helping Hands

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One Step at a Time

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